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Hotel with spectacular view on water, this hotel sells ancillaries and upgrades via travel agents to their customers

NDC Distribution Strategy Development for Airlines

  • Can you assist me in developing an NDC go-to-market strategy?

  • Can you identify all the legal and operational challenges we may face with the implementation of NDC?

  • Can you help us build an NDC business plan and implementation roadmap?

  • Which content aggregators should I work with?

  • What Tech solutions will I need to deploy to support modern airline retailing, and what vendors should we solicit RFP responses from?

  • What process changes will I need to implement (back-office, post-sales, etc.)?

  • Will you assist us with all of the required RFPs, vendor selection, as well as GDS and vedor contract negotiations?

Airplane Landing NDC Ancillaries Sold

Distribution Strategy Development for
Travel Sellers

  • Will you help me develop an NDC implementation strategy?

  • Will you help me with a business plan and implementation roadmap?

  • What NDC and Non-NDC/LCC content do I need?

  • Can you assist with the selection of GDSs, Tech Providers, and Content Aggregators?

  • Will you assist with GDS and PCA contract negotiations?

  • Can you help me develop an RFP and manage the selection process?

  • Can you help me with Tech provider contract negotiations?

  • What competitive edge can I gain through the deployment of AI in my business?

Overall audit of distribution health (cost, quality and competitiveness of content) with recommendations for opportunities, especially focused on low-hanging fruit

Packaged Distribution Health Audits 

Airline cabin selling NDC and non-NDC anciallary content, such as special meals and seat assignments

Packaged Customer Journey Assessments  

and Experience Audits

Our packaged, fixed-priced  CJAs clearly identify specific opportunities on travel websites to:

  1. Amplify positive forces:  Value Proposition & Incentive

  2. Remove or mitigate negative forces: Friction & Anxiety

  3. Rigorous website and omnichannel customer experience analysis

Travel Suppliers

Cruise Lines

Travel Sellers

Travel Agents, OTAs, TMCs, Tour Operators, Consolidators, Retail/Leisure, Specialty Travel Sellers

Travel Buyers

SME Businesses

The Travel Segments DeepLine Consulting Serves

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