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Our Engagement Process

We leverage our own structured remote engagement process.   We are also willing to be present on-site according to the needs of the client.

This includes structured initial interviews and transparent progress reporting.

We employ eamless, non-invasive communications designed to suit the engagement.

White and Grey Consulting Strategy Abstract Image Deep Lines engagement process

Our Project Role

We are willing to be slotted into a specific role as part of a larger project – we don’t have a need to be “in charge”

We can project manage, or perform in a service capacity according to client requirements.

Black, White and Grey Abstract Image for Consulting Project Roles

We Innovate

Don't be surprised if we deliver more than what we were contracted for.   Through deep research, we often unearth unexpected rich opportunities .

Black and WHite Consulting Deep Lines Image depicting Innovation

What Makes DeepLine Consulting Different?

Our Approach

Hands on, nuts and bolts practical approach.  No time or money wasted with "filler activities".

We avoid the “Big Consulting” firm approach of developing massive PowerPoint decks of industry research that add questionable value to solid business decisions.

Our Industry Knowledge

We actually understand how the industry works and what the strengths and weaknesses of the key players are.

We network with industry leaders to develop the most practical and optimal advice.

Our Consulting Rates

We charge only affordable, practical rates, typically significantly less than the “Big Consulting” firms charge.  


We typically construct a phased approach to each engagement, with fees only committed to the current phase being worked on.

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